Storj Labs Launches Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service

Storj Labs is launching its Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service, a decentralized cloud object storage service backed by enterprise service level agreements (SLAs) with boosted security.

Tardigrade offers decentralized cloud object storage that's S3 compatible, highly performant, easily implemented, exceptionally durable, and highly available, according to the vendor.

"Decentralization benefits the cloud in many ways, and our first customers are already seeing how it improves security, privacy, and resiliency, while also lowering costs," said Ben Golub, Storj Labs executive chairman. "As the first decentralized cloud storage service backed by enterprise SLAs, Tardigrade is poised to make a huge impact on the cloud for business of all types, our partners, customers, and end-users."

Kafkaesque, Fluree, Verif-y, and CNCTED are among the launch partners to release Tardigrade connectors, which allow users on these platforms to easily start storing data on the decentralized cloud storage service.

Through the Tardigrade Open Source Partner Program (OSPP), any open source project with a Tardigrade connector will receive a portion of the revenue generated by those users for their cloud storage bills.

This helps address the challenges open source software companies have faced when trying to monetize workloads in the cloud.

Amazon S3-compatible applications can easily use the service by changing a few simple parameters. There is also an extensive library of bindings for some of the most popular coding languages, including Go, Android, C, .NET/Xamarin, Node.js, Swift, and Python.

By using client-side encryption by default and spreading file pieces across 80 or more uncorrelated nodes, the Tardigrade platform is more secure and private than legacy cloud storage solutions, giving users the confidence that their data cannot be compromised or mined.

The platform's distributed architecture also makes it more resilient. While most cloud service providers charge a significant premium for providing cross-region support, files stored on Tardigrade are distributed across many regions by default, at no additional charge.

With Tardigrade's Open Source Partner Program, Storj Labs partners are compensated for the traffic they drive to the cloud. Through Tardigrade connectors, usage is tracked and revenue is allocated when users of these open source software platforms store data in the cloud.

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