Storj Labs and FileZilla Collaborate to Offer Secure File Storage in the Remote Work Era

FileZilla users can now use Storj Labs’ Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage as the storage service for their files.

FileZilla is a fast, secure, and reliable file transfer tool, making it a great pairing with Tardigrade, according to the vendors. Because Tardigrade is decentralized, all data stored on the service is private by default through end-to-end encryption, ensuring data confidentiality.

On top of that, Tardigrade provides multi-region redundancy for each file at no cost and no complicated configuration.

Tardigrade makes it easy to securely store and transfer  data using end-to-end encryption so only the user can access it. No need for complicated setups and configurations to ensure confidentiality. Every file on Tardigrade is encrypted by default.

For developers and engineers, Tardigrade’s p2p architecture means it delivers better performance—especially if downloading a file from half-way around the world. Its decentralized architecture also ensures the integrity of the file, as the system is constantly auditing files stored on the platform to ensure it’s not changed, corrupted, or modified.

This makes it great for multi-cloud environments, as your data is globally distributed without any extra cost, effort, or configuration.

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