Strata Identity Creates Orchestration Recipes for Application Modernization 

Strata Identity, the Identity Orchestration company, is releasing Orchestration Recipes that will enable organizations to automate the migration from any legacy identity system to any cloud identity provider (IDP) without rewriting any code using the Maverics multi-cloud Identity Orchestration platform.

The recipes support moving off outdated IDPs to more secure and flexible cloud identity systems like Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, AWS Cognito, and more.

The Maverics Identity Orchestration platform creates a powerful abstraction layer that eliminates the need for coding tedious custom integration scripts, which not only saves money but also paves the way for improved security, greater agility, and long-term growth opportunities, according to the company.

“While most organizations want to migrate to cloud identity systems for the improved security and flexibility provided by MFA and passwordless, they must first rewrite their applications which can take years and cost millions,” said Eric Olden, CEO and co-founder of Strata Identity. “The Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform and our modernization recipes eliminate this roadblock to maximize security investments, decrease an organization’s attack surface, and preserve IT budgets.”

Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform abstracts identity from apps so any application can be migrated to any cloud IDP—regardless of whether it speaks modern identity protocols or not.

Strata’s modernization Orchestration Recipes manage the complex identity relationships and processes associated with moving from Oracle Access Manager, SiteMinder, and others, to Okta, Microsoft Azure, AWS Cognito, and more.

Strata’s modernization Orchestration Recipes enable customers to:

  • Replace any IDP with any IDP without refactoring
  • Fine-tune control settings with flexible, conditional access
  • Eliminate risk
  • Create frictionless access for users

Strata’s Modernization Recipes are available immediately in Strata’s Maverics Platform.

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