Strata Identity Rolls Out Identity Orchestration Platform for Multi-Clouds

Strata Identity has unveiled the Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform to enable organizations to manage distributed multi-cloud and on-prem identity systems in a unified fashion.

Businesses are increasingly using multiple cloud services which each have their own built-in identity systems. These sevices need to coexist with on-prem applications that are tightly integrated with legacy identity platforms. However, the company contends, these identity silos make it impossible to manage identity and access policies consistently. The goal with Maverics is to provide a distributed identity fabric that abstracts and unifies any identity system, including Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, AWS, and Google Cloud Identity; on-prem products from Oracle, CA, RSA ClearTrust, Active Directory, Ping, and others; and identities contained in enterprise applications like Salesforce, Workday, and more.

According to Strata, the Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform enables organizations to:

  • Manage identity and access policies consistently across multiple identity platforms supporting distributed, multi-cloud architectures
  • Mix-and-match different identity technologies with any application without custom code
  • Use Identity Orchestration recipes to build flexible, multi-step and runtime identity user flows for automating on-boarding, off-boarding and other identity activities

“The future of computing is unquestionably multi-cloud and to succeed in this new era of distributed architectures, enterprises need an identity management approach that is equally distributed. Strata built Maverics for enterprises adopting multi-cloud that want to get out of the business of rewriting apps, custom integration, avoid long identity projects and to break identity lock-in,” said Eric Olden, CEO of Strata. “Maverics identity orchestration removes the barriers created by fragmented identity silos so organizations can use any identity system with any application, and enforce consistent access policies in a way that is transparent to users.”

Strata’s Maverics identity orchestration platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-prem, running either as a proxy or using web/app server modules. It integrates with legacy, cloud-native, and SaaS apps using standards-based protocols or HTTP headers and sessions. Maverics is available immediately from Strata and is priced as a subscription based on the number of apps secured, and identity providers (IDPs) integrated with Maverics.

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