Stratavia Releases Automated Solution for Sybase-to-DB2 Migrations

Stratavia, a provider of data center automation and cloud enablement software solutions, announced the release of the Sybase Migration Data Center Automation Application, a software solution aimed at enabling organizations to make an error-free migration from Sybase database environments to their choice of IBM DB2, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server database platforms. Stratavia customers can now automate the migration of Sybase database objects, code and data from a centralized location, while also enabling self-service access for application teams to begin their testing without impacting migration timelines.

Andy Wright, product marketing manager for Stratavia, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "many Sybase customers are facing the upcoming end-of-life of various 12.x versions of the ASE database and want to migrate off of Sybase in order to consolidate and standardize their database management tools and skill sets. This application from Stratavia provides an automated process to enable them to do that and consists of the four steps of verification, provisioning, migration, and validation. In the verification step, DBAs are able to measure how much database and application code will need to be changed, and how complex the migration will be in terms of time and resources required. With this information, specific databases can be selected as migration candidates and move to the next step of provisioning.

"Provisioning uses standardized database provisioning processes to create a new instance of the database to be migrated to, and leverages the Stratavia Data Palette Data Center Automation Platform," Wright continues. "Once the provisioning is complete, the migration process is launched and all database objects, schema, data, and code as well as most stored procedures, are migrated to the new database platform. As part of the migration process, any required application code changes are also identified and subsequently implemented. The final step is validation which involves regression testing processes and the generation of migration validation reports."

According to Stratavia, Data Palette's web-based interface accelerates the migration process and facilitates geographically dispersed teams. The product also supports remote management of migration tasks. The Sybase Migration application is available now. For more information, go here.