StreamSets’ Transformer for Snowflake Continues to Streamline Complex Data Transformation Pipelines

StreamSets, a Software AG company and Premier Snowflake Partner, is debuting the latest iteration of Transformer for Snowflake, StreamSets’ data transformation service for the Snowflake Data Cloud. Presented at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the release from StreamSets aims to streamline and simplify complex data transformations natively in Snowflake.

StreamSets’ Transformer for Snowflake is a hosted service within the StreamSets platform, enabling users to build, operate, monitor, and understand data transformation jobs within the Snowflake Data Cloud. Addressing the challenges associated with hand-coding, pipeline breakages, and other complexities while leveraging Snowflake for its performance, scalability, and security, StreamSets’ Transformer for Snowflake radically eases the ability to design and execute complex data transformations, according to the company.

Push-down processing eliminates the need to move to a different environment when processing complex data transformations within Snowflake, dramatically reducing time, costs, and potential security risks. Pairing its processing power with its intuitive design, Transformer for Snowflake is quick to reduce time-to-value while providing a single pane of glass from which users can monitor transformation jobs.

Additionally, the solution’s no-code user interface, as well as its drag-and-drop transformation canvas with pre-defined processors, streamlines transformation job creation, as well as its shareability and reusability. To ensure data continuously flows, StreamSets’ dynamic transformation pipelines adapt to alterations in data, schema, or infrastructure based on its prescriptive action-based protocols.

“The latest version of Transformer for Snowflake is a testament to our commitment to helping organizations improve productivity, reduce data friction, and rapidly deliver data for analytics, reporting, and other business-critical use cases,” said Dima Spivak, COO of products at StreamSets.

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