Streamlining Oracle Database Cloning

In many database environments, there is frequently a need to make a copy—or clone—of a production database for reasons as varied as development testing, analytics and reporting, backup, and quality assurance.

According to a survey conducted by the IOUG and Unisphere Research, 62% of DBAs manage more than 5 database copies, and 34% manage more than 20.

While very useful, however, the process of creating clones can be time-consuming, complicated, resource-intensive, expensive, and error-prone. The process is only becoming more unwieldy as databases become larger and larger and many organizations have their own specific pre- and post-copy requirements.

To streamline the process, PureStorage has introduced the Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for Oracle. The tool delivers non-disruptive operations for Oracle Databases and includes features that help Oracle DBAs and storage administrators simplify copy, clone, and provisioning activities without impacting the system resources needed for primary database processing tasks. Oracle CAT is available for download, can be installed on Pure Storage FlashArray //X and //M solutions, and does not require any separate license, maintenance, or support costs.

Benefits and use cases for the product were discussed in a recent DBTA webcast presented by PureStorage and VLSS, an Oracle and VMware implementation service provider.

The new tool enables instant snapshots, full copies with all capabilities, simple workflow automation, space savings of up to 90%, and CapEx and OpEx savings, according to Alex Infanzon, Oracle solution manager, PureStorage. Key features include easy copy automation, simple configuration, and customizable code, noted Infanzon.

The tool also offers Oracle Enterprise Manager integration—enabling users to clone from either command-line interface or directly from integrated functionality in Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in is very important to enable users to execute workflows in a framework with which they are very familiar said Dean Bolton, chief architect, VLSS, who covered the key components of the cloning tool as well as deployment options, configuration steps, execution, and the Oracle Enterprise Manager integration as part of the webcast.

An on-demand replay of the 37-minute webcast, including presentations and the Q&A session, is available at