Styra Makes its Enterprise-Grade Decision Engine Source Available

Styra, Inc., the creator and maintainer of Open Policy Agent (OPA), is introducing new capabilities to its enterprise-grade decision engine—Enterprise OPA.

Previously named Styra Load, Enterprise OPA will now be source available for Styra customers, furthering the company’s mission to provide developers, security engineers, and IT leaders with authorization solutions and collaborative communities that can scale with their needs, according to the company.

“At its core, Styra is an open source company. As the creators and maintainers of OPA, our foundation is rooted in creating communities for developers to come together and collaborate,” said Styra CTO Tim Hinrichs. “Enterprise OPA is the next iteration of that mission. Now, our customers can reap the same benefits of OPA’s open source community, contributing their updates and features, but with enterprise-grade authorization.”

Enterprise OPA gives organizations a drop-in replacement for Open Policy Agent with greatly improved performance, native integrations for a suite of data sources, and additional features such as policy decision analysis.

Previously, Enterprise OPA was only available in two formats: binary or container. While these formats supported many use cases, they limited Enterprise OPA from being built directly into applications for performance optimization, which requires access to the source code.

Now, Enterprise OPA supports all usage patterns with the flexibility to modify or change the code to fit organizational needs. This unlocks the Enterprise OPA community to contribute code upstream and use features developed by others, according to the vendor.

Enterprise OPA has seen continual improvement since release. Recent enhancements include expanded decision log export capabilities to support security breach analysis, and a gRPC API with optimized performance to support high-throughput environments.

Enterprise OPA is available via three delivery formats: binary, container, and source code so organizations can choose which is best for them.

With the source available, organizations that were previously limited to only using open source OPA can now take advantage of the increased performance and extended set of unique integrations and capabilities that come with Enterprise OPA, according to the company.

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