Sumo Logic Announces New Innovations Across its Platforms

Sumo Logic, a pioneer in continuous intelligence, is making a variety of new solution enhancements including providing the general availability of the Sumo Logic Observability solution for DevSecOps, and introducing additional enhancements to its cloud-native, security intelligence solution.

“Digital transformation is now at the forefront of all companies of every size from every industry, and the need to build reliable, secure digital services is more critical than ever,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO of Sumo Logic. “Digital and cloud transformation requires the migration, modernization and development of new workloads, all of which require modern management and analytics capabilities, while also being secure given the vast amount of growing threats. Sumo Logic enables companies to quickly know the what, where, why and how of these issues in real-time to ensure their customer experiences remain reliable, performant and secure.”

Sumo Logic’s Observability solutions provide enterprises with a unified view of real-time analytics across a vast amount of application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces and metadata. Existing and enhanced offerings include:

  • Updated Application Observability solution
  • New General Availability of Kubernetes Observability solution
  • New General Availability of AWS Observability solution
  • Multi-cloud Observability solution
  • Web and Edge Observability solution

The struggle to effectively manage the vast amounts of growing volumes of security alerts and the complexities associated with traditional SIEMs, are driving the demand for a new approach to effectively address challenges for security practitioners and the SOC through cloud-native SIEMs combined with security automation capabilities. Sumo Logic unveiled new updates to its cloud SIEM including:

  • Unified Ingest and Billing
  • SecOps Team Reporting
  • Detection Improvements

Sumo Logic continues to see broad adoption of its Compliance and Audit, Security Analytics, and Cloud SIEM solutions with customers such as Clorox, Greensky, SEGA Europe, and Sykes.

Additionally, Sumo Logic announced the general availability of its Software Development Optimization (SDO) solution, a new business intelligence offering that integrates and analyzes data from multiple DevOps tools to give developers real-time insights into software development pipelines.

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