Sumo Logic Boosts Observability Solution for Deeper Insights to Manage Modern Applications

Sumo Logic, a pioneer in continuous intelligence, is introducing new capabilities to its Observability solution that augment analytics-powered use cases and capture end user experience.

These new enhancements include Real User Monitoring and Span Analytics, capabilities designed to help DevOps/SRE teams identify and resolve customer-impacting issues faster, reduce application downtime, and optimize application performance.

Sumo Logic Span Analytics allows customers to search, analyze, and query both structured and unstructured application data, including transaction traces, logs, and metrics.

This provides observers with a simplified search experience and an ability to filter, transform, and aggregate the span data to uncover unknown unknowns that help them to diagnose and resolve problems faster, according to the vendor.

With this advanced capability:

  • Developers can identify issues and troubleshoot performance problems more quickly by discovering emergent patterns and relationships that are impossible to pre-define, as legacy tools require.
  • Teams can leverage the familiar Sumo Logic Query Language to interrogate multiple sets of telemetry, from a single console.
  • Similarly, teams can skip the Sumo Logic Query Language and use an intuitive UI to build simple or sophisticated queries and aggregate results.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) arms operations teams with an understanding of the full end-to-end experience of every transaction, starting with a user’s browser click.

Sumo Logic RUM provides high-level insights into user experience with the ability to segment by geographical region, OS, and browser automatically connecting it to backend troubleshooting information.

With RUM, customers understand the real user experience and troubleshoot problems that originated in code running in the browser. This allows teams to:

  • Understand the real user web application performance as experienced in the browser, including network and interaction specific metrics like UI paint events.
  • Visualize the code as run in the browser, including local or remote requests and full end-to-end transaction tracing to optimize performance.
  • Gather full details about the end-user geolocation, device and browser, including all details about the URL, target element, and its Xpath indicating the particular component of the page that was clicked.

“A unified approach to observability, which includes Log, Metrics, Traces, and Real User Monitoring, is now table stakes for teams looking to deliver reliable digital services and best-in-class customer experiences,” said Bruno Kurtic, VP of strategy and solutions for Sumo Logic. “We’re excited to roll out new capabilities that bring together digital experience management and advanced analytics into one easy-to-use solution.”

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