Sumo Logic Creates New Platform to Give DevOps Teams More Visibility

Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics platform, is releasing a new bi-directional integration for Atlassian Opsgenie.

This new offering provides DevOps teams with full visibility across the entire incident management lifecycle for improved monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting when responding to service interruptions.

 “The Sumo Logic integration for Opsgenie builds on our existing support for Atlassian products, including Jira, and provides thousands of joint customers with complete visibility across their DevOps environment,” said John Coyle, VP of business development, Sumo Logic.  “The bi-directional nature of this integration enables us to send and receive data to and from Atlassian for a much deeper integration that gives customers greater visibility and intelligence to respond to service interruptions with ease.”

With the Sumo Logic integration for Opsgenie, customers can create automated alerts in Opsgenie based on machine data analytics from Sumo Logic.

This can be done while simultaneously analyzing Opsgenie alerts and incident data directly in Sumo Logic to monitor how those alerts are being created, escalated and resolved across the full DevOps and IT ecosystem by using real-time operational analytics dashboards.

The Sumo Logic platform provides advanced analytics and correlation capabilities to alert responders with a comprehensive view across all Opsgenie alerts so that users can detect patterns, maintain team performance, prioritize high severity alerts instantly, and resolve issues faster.

With this new integration, DevOps teams can:

  • Visualize trends and patterns of alert resolution statistics over time and understand which teams and alert sources need the most improvement
  • Detect anomalies in alert creation and escalation events via Sumo Logic’s outlier detection capabilities
  • Identify and prioritize events in the DevOps infrastructure that warrant alert creation and leverage Sumo Logic to automatically send these to Opsgenie for tracking and resolution

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