Sumo Logic Expands Security Monitoring Support for a Variety of Cloud Applications

Sumo Logic, a cloud-native data analytics service, is extending security monitoring support for several cloud applications along with forging a partnership with ThreatStream.

“We’re helping security people become enablers of cloud and adopt these fast based applications in especially Office 365,” said George Gerchow, director of product management for security and compliance for Sumo Logic.

The monitoring support is being extended to Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps, adding to the current Sumo Logic Cloud Application portfolio that includes AWS Cloud Trail, AWS Config, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (AmazonVPC) Flow Logs, Box, ServiceNow and other feature-rich solutions.

“Because we sit in the cloud in AWS, we built a constant stream via secure HTTP where those logs have a continual flow,” Gerchow said. “We look at it as a virtual, secure pipe going between two cloud type solutions. Typically in the past no one has been able to do this with on-prem solutions.”

Once data is ingested into the Sumo Logic service, customers are able to combine their activity logs with logs from other cloud apps and on-premise infrastructures, to create a single monitoring solution for operations, security and compliance across the entire enterprise.

“We allow our customers to see who’s accessing SalesForce from outside the organization, what are the top shared or downloaded type documents, who has rights to the different type of items within SalesForce and then who’s been added or deleted from SalesForce,” Gerchow said. “Again, it’s a lot of deep logging into SalesForce.”

The partnership with ThreatStream, an enterprise class threat intelligence platform, adds machine-readable threat intelligence into Sumo Logic’s security monitoring abilities.

This partnership enables customers to correlate their Sumo Logic log data with threat intelligence data to identify and visualize malicious IP addresses, domain names, email addresses and URLs.

“We are going to continue to expand on the visibility that we give our customers when they start moving out to the cloud and tie these things together,” Gerchow said. “We’re extremely excited about this partnership.”

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