Sumo Logic Introduces New Innovation, the Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Distro Collector

Sumo Logic, the SaaS analytics platform to enable reliable and secure cloud-native applications, is introducing a new milestone in innovation for Sumo Logic Observability with the release of Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Distro Collector (OT Distro).

The OT Distro Collector is designed to simplify and democratize the collection of logs, metrics, traces, and metadata from modern cloud applications.

With thisplatform, Sumo Logic further embraces open source and establishes OpenTelemetry as its future standard to collect all machine data, breaking from the legacy model of using proprietary agents to gather critical application and infrastructure telemetry, according to the vendor.

By adopting OpenTelemetry, site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can define and own their global collection strategy, without fear of vendor lock-in.

The unified collection of logs, metrics, and traces available in the OT Distro Collector eliminates the need to manage multiple agents, further removing complexity from data collection.

“Full-stack observability is absolutely necessary to manage modern applications. At its core, observability is a data analytics problem. As the industry standardizes on OpenTelemetry for data collection, it will put the focus back where it should be—on a great SRE experience with great data analytics,” said Erez Barak, VP of product development for observability, Sumo Logic. “This release of Sumo Logic OT Distro Collector is the first step towards what will ultimately become the sole collector on our unified continuous intelligence platform. With it, our customers can ingest telemetry from all domains—logs, metrics, traces, and metadata—and deliver reliable and secure digital experiences at scale.”

The initial release of Sumo Logic OT Distro Collector supports:

  • Architectures, including x86/x64 and ARM
  • Operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux
  • Orchestration platforms, including Kubernetes

In addition to the standard OpenTelemetry capabilities listed, the OT Distro Collector also includes support for automatic collector registration, heartbeat reporting (in advance of full OpAmp support), as well as a built-in Telegraf support, allowing customers to leverage the Telegraf catalog of input plugins.

These additions simplify the migration to an OpenTelemetry based approach while using a vendor-supported agent.

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