Sumo Logic Offers Platform that Analyzes Metrics and Log Analytics on AWS

Sumo Logic, a provider of cloud-native, machine data analytics services, is unveiling a new platform that natively ingests, indexes, and analyzes structured metrics data, and unstructured log data together in real-time.

“Modern applications are front and center of how businesses are being run,” said Suku Krishnaraj, vice president of marketing. “The teams that build, run, and secure these modern apps need more of a collaborative platform in order to share and thrive to solve problems faster.”

The new platform, powered by advanced machine learning technology, unifies logs and metrics, transforming a variety of data types into real-time continuous intelligence for modern applications and business insights.

In addition, Sumo Logic’s patented, advanced analytics technology that is currently used for log data, extends to time-series metrics, to make correlating log and metrics more contextual and comprehensive.   

The features and benefits of Sumo Logic enhanced platform include full stack visibility of the entire AWS stack using all machine data sources, business and operational KPIs for Development, DevOps, TechOps, Security Ops and Lines of Business teams through custom and standard out-of-the-box host metrics and logs, monitoring and troubleshooting abilities with correlation of logs and metrics, and real-time analytics capabilities through advanced machine learning.

DevOps, operations, and security will benefit the most from this platform, according to Krishnaraj.

“We’re trying to address that cross functional small team dynamic that we are seeing with our customers,” said Ben Newton, principal product manager.

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