SunGard Availability Services Unveils Managed Oracle Services

SunGard Availability Services, a provider of information availability and disaster recovery services, has introduced support for virtualized platforms for its SunGard Managed Oracle Services. According to SunGard, virtualized platforms can help companies to make the transition from traditional dedicated infrastructure, leveraging scale and pay-as-you-go multi-tenant models.

Sungard’s managed Oracle services are designed to run ERP applications and Oracle Databases with pre-certified Oracle server and storage hardware and software, known as Oracle Red Stack. Extending its Oracle management services to virtualized platforms will allow customers to leverage the benefits of scale and agility while also enabling application managers to focus their time on the core business, the company says.

As Oracle users prepare for application upgrades from Oracle 11i within the next year, SunGard anticipates that its Managed Oracle Services will provide key migration support to so they can transition to R12 more easily, while also enabling high application performance, scalability, availability and resiliency.

SunGard Managed Oracle Services is a component of SunGard's suite of Managed Application Services. The extended offering allows customers a range of service options including infrastructure services, database services and application services, and customers receive assistance with Oracle OS and hypervisor licensing by helping size environments to meet their current needs.

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