Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Added to Rackspace DBA Services

Rackspace has announced support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 In-Memory Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and AlwaysOn Availability.

With Rackspace DBA Services, customers can now use Rackspace database administrators (DBA) to migrate or upgrade existing workloads to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP on the Rackspace Managed Cloud. Customers can rapidly scale up performance, drive greater database consolidation density and help reduce total cost of ownership.

Rackspace currently powers more than 10,000 compute instances running Microsoft SQL Server on its private and public clouds. By combining In-Memory OLTP with Managed High Availability, Rackspace can help customers speed up OLTP workloads to up to 30x while providing maximum uptime.

Rackspace DBA Services offers database administrators and database architects on demand with simple pricing and multiple tiers of support.

With a Managed Private Cloud powered by Microsoft Cloud Platform, and the built-in Database-as-a-Service capability, customers can take advantage of a fully managed, physically isolated private cloud environment that allows customers to programmatically spin up SQL Server 2014 databases on demand. Customers can also strengthen their high availability and disaster recovery capabilities by choosing from an increased number of availability groups including Microsoft Azure as a designated disaster recovery location.

"Adding support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 to Rackspace DBA Services enables customers to increase performance and make more efficient use of IT resources," said John Engates, chief technology officer, at Rackspace. "Customers will be able to leverage our DBA experts to assist with routine database management and monitoring 24x7, which will allow their internal IT teams to work regular schedules and focus on innovating their core business."

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