Supporting Modern Applications in Today’s World

Today, more than ever, businesses rely on data to deliver a competitive edge. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, success means increasing efficiency, agility and innovation through better collaboration, visibility, and performance.

However, as business applications continue to grow more sophisticated, so does the challenge of supporting them.

DBTA recently held a roundtable webinar featuring Sreevani Abbaraju, director of product management, HVR, and Melissa Connors, senior technical writer, SentryOne who discussed new data management technologies and techniques for meeting the speed and scalability requirements of modern applications.

HVR moves high volumes of data to and from a variety of sources and targets for real-time reporting and analytics, Abbaraju explained.

Businesses need their information pipeline to deliver the most up-to-date datasets so decisions can be made in the moment.

HVR offers log-based change data capture. If the business requires a continuous feed then the solution is a log based CDC. Processing performance is delivered through distributed architecture and HVR continuously integrates data.

Common use cases include the cloud, real-time analytics, data lakes and warehouses, and geographical distribution.

SentryOne also offers companies a way to successfully gain insight into their data, Connors said.

Before implementing scalability improvements, Connors suggested to:

  • Research what to change or implement (code vs database)
  • Create system-wide baselines
  • Measure individual queries and features
  • Remember maintenance and periodically executed queries and reports
  • Change one thing at a time
  • Test performance and compare baselines (note any adverse effects

SentryOne offers:

  • Fastest Diagnosis
  • Automation
  • Highest granularity
  • Jump-to navigation
  • Highly configurable

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.