Swarm64 and EnterpriseDB Collaborate to Provide Open Source Alternative to Legacy Data Warehouse Databases

Swarm64, a provider of database acceleration solutions for the PostgreSQL open source database, is forming a partnership with EDB, a leading contributor to PostgreSQL, to help companies reduce IT costs.

“Enterprises spend millions of dollars per year on legacy analytic and data warehouse database platforms like Oracle, Teradata, and others,” said Thomas Richter, CEO of Swarm64. “Faster Postgres query performance, enabled by Swarm64 DA, combined with the enhanced availability, scalability, and flexibility of EDB’s Postgres software and tools, makes it possible for organizations to escape the high costs and lock-in associated with legacy databases.”

Swarm64 DA has successfully completed the EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner certification process for use with EDB Postgres Advanced. 

Swarm64 DA is an extension to EDB Postgres Advanced that enhances query performance by up to 20x, via:

  • Compressed columnstore indexing
  • Greater parallel processing
  • Faster SQL JOIN algorithms
  • Improved query planning, optimization and execution

Columnstore indexing and other Swarm64 DA acceleration features make PostgreSQL more compatible with analytic (OLAP) and hybrid analytic-transaction processing (HTAP) capabilities of other data warehouse platforms, according to the vendors.

Combined with EDB database migration tools and support, the joint solution gives customers an easy way to modernize legacy analytics and business intelligence data platforms.

“Demand for fast reporting and analysis of data stored in PostgreSQL is on the rise; people want to get more value out of their data,” said John Murphy, chief product officer of EDB. “This partnership with Swarm64 enables organizations to build high-performing analytic solutions that provide valuable insights to their business.”

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