Swimlane Turbine Unleashes New Enhancements for Security Automation

Swimlane, the provider of AI-enabled automation for the entire security organization, is debuting two new features to Turbine—a low-code security automation platform that combines human and machine intelligence to serve as the system of record for security—designed to help build automation in seconds with limitless possibilities. The new capabilities—Canvas and Hero AI—each aim to enable organizations to connect and strengthen security teams in an era of continuously evolving threats.

The current security landscape is riddled with as many differing threat actors and methods of attack as there are solutions developed to solve them. This proliferation of both dangers and solutions has created a remarkably complex workload for enterprise security teams.

“Today's security professionals grapple with several challenges, including a global shortage of security staff, intricate security landscapes and procedures, an ever-expanding attack surface, and the need to showcase the business value of security,” explained Cody Cornell, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Swimlane. “In an attempt to address these issues, security companies have developed a variety of software solutions, each laden with numerous acronyms, aiming to simplify security. However, the drawback lies in the absence of a one-size-fits-all security solution.”

“What was lacking is a tool that empowers security leaders to respond to threats instantly, bypassing the delays associated with detection, data aggregation, and manual response. This is where low-code security automation steps in,” Cornell continued. “Now, using this automation, teams can keep pace with alerts, emerging threats, and complex security processes needed to secure the organization.”

By harnessing the power of automation for security purposes, Swimlane Turbine centralizes these efforts, capturing hard-to-reach telemetry and expanding actionability for security teams. The addition of Canvas and Hero AI continue to uphold Swimlane’s mission, further simplifying security automation while saving enterprises both time and resources, according to the company.

Turbine Canvas puts the power of low-code into action, enabling users to craft automation workflows with modular and reusable programming components. This not only offers users an intuitive and user-friendly way to build automation workflows, it provides remarkable visibility and control over each playbook and how they connect.

“Turbine Canvas takes inspiration from the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Unified Modeling Language (UML), re-imagining how automation is built for a genuinely human-centric experience that favors clear understanding and collaboration over arcane computer-run logic,” said Cornell. “This translates into helping security teams overcome process and data fatigue.”

Hero AI is a culmination of Swimlane’s AI-enabled innovations that accelerate analyst productivity and efficacy. By merging the powers of human and machine intelligence, Hero AI optimizes SecOps workflows while maximizing ROI. This solution offers:

  • Proprietary and private LLMs, ensuring that data is kept private and secure with Swimlane’s private LLM
  • Hero AI crafted prompts, which empower users to take control of their AI experience in Turbine, leveraging data in their alerts, cases, intelligence, or automation pipelines to craft their prompts
  • AI Case Summarization, an intuitive tool that utilizes Swimlane’s proprietary LLM to more efficiently categorize and prioritize issues
  • Text-to-Code ChatBot, a one-stop scripting assistant powered by OpenAI that automatically generates complex scripts, provides Python outputs, and test actions directly within Turbine Canvas
  • HelpDocs ChatBot, an AI-powered ChatBot trained on Turbine Platform documentation that provides immediate support for users
  • Schema Inference, intelligent testing and curation tools that surface insights into a data source for any action

“There is no such thing as ‘good enough’ automation when it comes to effective security operations. These new advancements to Turbine deliver a triple threat of automation, low-code, and AI that sets the industry standard for SecOps efficacy,” said Cornell. “Readers should be excited about a clear path to alleviate the pressure on security operations teams, allowing them to focus on combating increasingly complex and severe threats while saving time and money.”

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