Sybase 365 Hosted Mobile Analytics Solution Provides Analytics to More Than 50 Mobile Operators in 24 Countries

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced that its hosted analytics solution, Sybase Operator Analytics 365, an advanced reporting, monitoring and mobile data analytics service, has been deployed to more than 50 operators worldwide and it anticipates working with more than 90 operators by the end of April 2011. Sybase Operator Analytics 365 is backed by Sybase's column-based analytics server, Sybase IQ, enabling extreme performance with the ability to return results on billions of records in just seconds to enable operators to quickly make mission-critical decisions.

With the continued growth of mobile messaging data, operators need greater visibility into their network and inter-operator messaging traffic. Sybase addresses this requirement by providing operator customers a cost-effective, hosted solution allowing real-time deep analytics so they can make informed decisions about their network activity, available resources and ultimately drive revenue.

There are a number of unique capabilities that Sybase Operator Analytics 365 provides, David Wiseman, director of business development for Sybase's telecom analytics sector, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Because it is a totally hosted environment, customers don't have to make that infrastructure investment in place on their own. And second, it provides them with both a real-time view of messaging traffic as well as the historical data that is collected and stored about that traffic.

Providing ease-of-use and efficiency, the service can be deployed with minimal effort and allows mobile operators the ability to run intensive analytics on their messaging traffic, delivering data necessary to better understand their messaging operations, improve quality of service and save money by reducing customer support costs. Faster, easier access to data means that problems can be identified, diagnosed and resolved more quickly, helping mobile operators improve quality of service.

The fact that it is a hosted analytics solution which speeds time to market is important to customers, says Wiseman. "That is what is really driving the rapid adoption. They don't have to go through a huge internal effort to set up and install this capability. They are able to use it as a hosted service, and that helps people get value from it a lot faster."

More information is available about Sybase Operator Analytics 365 and Sybase IQ.