Sybase 365 Mobile Commerce Platform Sets New Benchmarks for Scale and Performance

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has unveiled its next generation Mobile Commerce platform. With the updated platform, Sybase 365 seeks to enhance the customer engagement experience that financial institutions and mobile operators can offer their end-users, by providing a complete set of rich features for mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile money services - on a single platform. The Sybase mobile commerce platform has been architected to meet increasing demands as mobile commerce moves from a minor service to a mainstream service offered to a vast array of customers worldwide.

For financial institutions, the Sybase mobile commerce platform enables banks to extend their relationship to both the retail and business customer through the mobile channel, and to create new services and improve customer loyalty. The rich set of mobile payment functionality supports mobile payments services that enable consumers to use their mobile devices to pay for real-world goods and services. This latest release adds mobile money capability to the platform for branchless banking, enabling financial institutions and operators to run financial inclusion services for the unbanked and under banked, turning the consumers mobile into a branch-in-their-pocket.

"Mobile commerce is evolving at a rapid pace in both developed and emerging markets, and as it moves into the mainstream it puts huge demands on existing mobile banking and payment services," said John Sims, President of Sybase 365. "Rather than dealing with thousands of customers and tens of transactions per seconds, you now need platforms that can scale to hundreds of millions of customers, and thousands of transactions per second. Our experience in building reliable and scalable systems that handle almost 2 billion mobile messages per day is at the core of this next generation platform." The latest version of the Sybase mobile commerce platform also includes mobile CRM functionality for mobile marketing, customer engagement, surveys and voucher capabilities. These not only complement the overall mobile commerce services, but encourage customer loyalty and uptake of services.

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