Sybase 365 Partners With New York State Emergency Management Office To Deliver SMS Emergency Alerts

Sybase 365 , a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced a strategic partnership with the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) to deploy SMS messaging services through NY-ALERT, the state's All - Hazards Alert and Notification System. The web-based portal allows state agencies, county and local governments, emergency service agencies and institutions of higher learning, to provide emergency alerting information and private notifications to a def ined audience through SMS alerts.

The alert notification system , the largest in the United States, is a free, subscription based offering that allows consumers to register multiple devices from which they want to receive alerts. The Sybase 365 operator-grade SMS platform enables subscribers to receive emergency information such as major road closures, severe weather events and protective actions recommended by state, local governments and universities, all through their mobile device.

"Our capability to deliver high volumes of messages in real-time is key to the success of initiatives such as the NY-ALERT program." said Marty Beard, President of Sybase 365.  "SMS is a ubiquitous communication tool and has proved to be one of the quickest and most reliable information delivery channels today. As we continue to move toward an increasingly mobile world, we anticipate other organizations to adopt similar SMS strategies for emergency alert notifications."   

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