Sybase Analytics Platform is Selected for Bridge Monitoring System

NTT Data Corporation, a global provider of IT services including business consulting, technology, and outsourcing services, has selected the Sybase Aleri Streaming Processor (ESP) and Sybase RAP, Sybase's complex event processing (CEP) and analytics platform for real-time analysis of large data sets, to enhance NTT Data's bridge monitoring system. NTT Data is using the Sybase technology to help improve the ability to analyze large, complex data sets collected at rapid rates, particularly during high-traffic periods.

NTT Data's bridge monitoring system remotely monitors bridges in real time to provide information critical in managing responses to natural disasters, maintaining bridge structures, and estimating the extent of structural fatigue. The monitoring system consists of various sensors, high-speed data transmission networks, and an information center that collects and disseminates high-level information. NTT Data conducted a proof-of-concept (POC) test to determine the feasibility of integrating its system with the Sybase analytics platform.

Although the objective of the POC focused on integration with the monitoring system, the ultimate goal for NTT Data was to test the use of Sybase ESP for a broad range of applications. Based on positive POC results, NTT Data is now developing a large scale real-time data analysis solution that will manage real-time and long-term data. The initial release of this new solution is tentatively scheduled for 2012. Sybase ESP will be used to handle real-time data processing and the in-memory cache provided by Sybase RAP will handle processing of chronological data of up to a few hours, while the RAP historical analytics component will manage data for up to several months.

As part of the POC, for over eight months, multiple CEP platforms were tested, and a combination of Sybase technologies (ESP and RAP) proved to offer the most effective solution. NTT Data actively participated in the Sybase ESP beta program, evaluated the software and engaged with Sybase in providing feedback relating to their product usage. Evaluations included an aggregation test to determine how many pieces of sensor data could be processed, a latency test to determine processing speed, an external math libraries compatibility test, and a test of long-term data handling.

"The main goal of the POC was to determine the processing speed of each platform and the ability to simultaneously process multiple data sets," said Yoko Inaba, an assistant manager at NTT Data. "Both Sybase ESP and RAP earned positive marks across all categories while collecting data from more than 10,000 sensors at expected speeds. The Sybase platform also demonstrated dynamic model-switching capabilities as well as the ability to facilitate software development and integration."

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