Sybase Announces New Version of CEP Platform - Sybase ESP

Sybase has unveiled Sybase Event Streaming Processor (ESP), a major new version of the Sybase Aleri CEP platform. Sybase ESP, version 5 of the Sybase Aleri Event Stream Processor, provides new capabilities in enterprise scalability and user productivity. According to Sybase, the solution enables customers to deliver real-time applications such as continuous risk assessment, extremely complex low latency algorithmic trading and the creation and dissemination of highly enriched market data, in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches would require.

"With the release of the newest version of Sybase's complex event processing (CEP) platform, Sybase Aleri ESP, businesses can take advantage of rapid development and deployment of business critical real-time applications," Neil McGovern, Sybase director of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Also, deployed applications can now easily scale up and down to meet changing analytics demand. Sybase is seeing interesting use cases for CEP, such as the analysis of user traffic by telecoms firms. We are seeing lots of momentum with CEP and the scope will continue to increase and move beyond financial services because of the demand for real-time analytics."

Delivering real-time continuous intelligence, Sybase Aleri ESP aims to provide capital markets, telecommunications and other firms with the capabilities to monitor, detect, analyze and respond to events as they occur, in order to make the most opportune corrective, profitable, competitive and value-add decisions.

The new version of Sybase Aleri ESP addresses the needs of customers in a number of key areas, says Sybase. For ease and efficiency in defining continuous queries, the ESP Studio delivers a simple visual editor combined with a powerful SQL-based event processing Continuous Computation Language (CCL). The new advanced cluster architecture significantly enhances scalability and deployment options by enabling continuous queries to be deployed in a private cloud environment.

In the financial markets, where customers are some of the most demanding users of Sybase CEP technology, the Event Stream Processor is up to the challenge. With market data analytics, both buy-side and sell-side firms can apply cleansing and enrichment rules to in-bound market data via streaming and batch feeds. Users can also collect market data in Sybase RAP and apply queries to derive valuable new data commercial insight or breakthrough competitive trading strategies.

In addition, Sybase ESP provides a non-intrusive way of consolidating and aggregating risk and position data across heterogeneous systems with real-time valuation and monitoring. Users can access this information for real-time analysis or for more detailed stress scenarios as events occur to provide additional insight or to react to an unexpected real-time event.
Sybase ESP also enables trade and algorithm monitoring, enabling users to monitor trading performance indicators and manage automated trading strategies for optimal results. Organizations can use the combination of Sybase ESP and Sybase RAP to analyze current and historical data to uncover patterns supporting real-time decision making and to refine strategies through regression testing.

The product is currently scheduled for beta availability in June and general availability in Q3 2011. For more information on Sybase's Capital Markets industry solutions, go to