Sybase Brings Deep Analytics Offering to Mobile Operators with Hosted BI Solution for Messaging Traffic

Sybase announced the launch of a new hosted service for mobile messaging traffic analysis - Sybase Operator Analytics 365, based on the latest version of Sybase's column-based analytics server, Sybase IQ 15.1, and combined with the company's global messaging reach.

Providing ease-of-use and efficiency, the service can be deployed with minimal effort and offers mobile operators the ability to run deep analytics on their messaging traffic, delivering the data necessary to quickly make mission-critical decisions to improve customer quality of service. The Sybase IQ analytics server enables extreme performance, with the ability to return results on billions of records in just seconds.

"We are the largest messaging aggregator in the world. We deliver messages to over 900 carriers worldwide and have direct connections with 500 carriers," Dan Auker, senior manager, Worldwide Marketing and Business Solutions group, Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "For the tier one and tier two carriers, we are talking about tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of messages a year; in some cases, billions of messages a year that they are sending across our network. Those obviously are critical to their network operations and the things that they care about in terms of providing quality of service and keeping their customers happy so that they reduce customer churn."

Sybase Operator Analytics 365 provides a wide range of reports, including message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators, and quality of service testing. By performing advanced analytics on the message traffic mobile operators send across the Sybase 365 global network they can monitor key network components allowing them to provision their network to better serve traffic spikes. Users can view performance trends, analyze system history and track error messages, in order to more effectively diagnose message delivery issues and troubleshoot problems.

Sybase Operator Analytics 365 has a simple point-and-click interface, based on MicroStrategy 8 business intelligence software, enabling users to perform complex queries and extract useful, timely information without needing to know how to write SQL queries or involve database administrators.

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