Sybase Combines Column-Based Analytics Server with Global Messaging Reach, Extending Analytics Functionality to Mobile Services Customers

Sybase, Inc. has announced it is leveraging the newest version of its column-based analytics server-Sybase IQ 15.1-and its global mobile messaging reach, enabling the company to provide deep analytics functionality on the Sybase 365 mobile services platform that will address the needs of mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprise customers. The first offering, to be launched in Q1 2010, will be a hosted analytics solution for mobile operators, providing them with improved quality of service, a greater insight into their off-network messaging traffic, and enabling them to better execute revenue generating activities around these trends.

As mobile messaging revenues continue to soar, this solution will enable operators to strengthen quality of service through predictive analysis by quickly identifying and resolving network issues to drive higher quality service and better predict messaging trends to improve network planning.  The turn-key service will require no capital expense and has a much lower cost than an on-premise solution, with unparalleled features and performance.

With more than one billion messages delivered every day on Sybase's global messaging platform, mobile operators have a wealth of data at their fingertips, but had limited capability to convert that data into meaningful information for their business, according to Sybase. Supported by visualization technology from MicroStrategy, the new offering enables deep analytics of SMS, not previously available to mobile operators, notes Dan Lahl, director of analytics for Sybase. "This is a competitive advantage for Sybase," Lahl states, adding that there will be additional hosted analytics initiatives from Sybase launched in 2010.

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