Sybase Evaluates Key Drivers Shaping Outlook for Financial Services in 2010 and Beyond

Regulators will compel the financial services industry to shift priorities within their existing IT budgets especially in areas such as data management, complex event processing tools, and improved IT architecture in order to accommodate regulatory directives and heightened focus on near real-time information, according to a new report announced by Sybase. Sybase commissioned the global report on the regulatory landscape that capital markets will confront, including the key drivers that will shape the outlook for the financial services industry in 2010 and beyond, in order to help its customers and the industry navigate during uncertain times.

"The challenge is in designing trading and capital markets solutions that strike a balance between intervention and control, while leaving room for innovation and growth," observes Sinan Baskan, director of the Financial Solutions Group at Sybase. "The impact of these new regulations will be felt by IT departments across the financial world. Sybase is at the forefront of providing solutions, such as RAP-The Trading Edition, to help customers increase the speed and frequency of their risk analytics, the scope of their data analytics, and to create a single view of reality across desks, asset classes and geographies."

The report highlights the most critical areas which will be affected by regulation. These include: increased intervention, with the current laissez-faire regime becoming more activist; regulatory harmonization, across and within national boundaries, and potentially conceding influence to supra-national bodies; systemic risk management to provide a framework that depends upon data collection and analysis, of markets and participants, to manage the "too-big-to-fail phenomenon"; a holistic view, enabling regulators to monitor the health of entities, activities, products, and asset classes across business units and geographies; greater transparency into products, processes, and data; and enhanced technology infrastructure in order to better manage, extract and analyze data and put into actionable form.

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