Sybase Extends Analytics Leadership in High Speed Streaming Data

Sybase has announced Sybase CEP, a complex event processing (CEP) technology for performing analytics on high speed streaming data. By integrating Sybase CEP with RAP - The Trading Edition, Sybase is providing a complete platform for trade lifecycle analytics. Sybase CEP extends the Sybase RAP platform's capability to store and analyze large amounts of real-time and historical data, by providing real-time intelligence on high speed streaming market and trade data with minimum latency.

RAP is a market data platform to manage not only real-time analytics but also risk analytics, as well as make recommendations on trade executions, Dan Lahl, director, Sybase Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing. By adding streaming analytics into the mix, Lahl notes, "not only are we the leading platform for at rest or static analytics in the capital markets space, but now for streaming analytics as well."

Sybase CEP in conjunction with RAP - The Trading Edition provides integrated solutions for traders, risk managers and quantitative analysts. Traders and risk managers need the ability to do real-time analytics on high speed streaming trade and market data, to capture risk and react to new opportunities with minimal latency. Using Sybase CEP, traders can identify patterns on streaming data and take immediate action while risk managers can aggregate trade data across multiple systems and monitor trader activity to calculate risk and P&L in real time. This technology also allows quantitative analysts to back test their algorithms using historical data stored in Sybase RAP.

In addition to capital markets, Sybase plans to leverage Sybase CEP in other key verticals that have a need for high speed streaming analytics. "You have streaming data in telecommunications, in certain government applications, streaming data in retail and distribution with RFID," notes Lahl. "There are a lot of applications today-and more over time-that are going to need to need to mix both static data and streaming data for analytics." For more information on Sybase CEP, go here.