Sybase Extends Leadership in Delivering Mobile Enterprise Applications

The latest version of Sybase Unwired Platform, 1.5.2, that will enable enterprise developers to simply and quickly build applications that connect business data from more sources, including SAP applications, to mobile workers on any device, is now available.

Sybase Unwired Platform aims to provide a flexible, integrated infrastructure that reduces the complexity of developing and deploying mobile applications for all major device types, including iPhone and iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows, and Symbian, with Android support to follow.

According to Sybase, the new release of Sybase Unwired Platform provides key benefits to the mobile enterprise, including Simplified Mobility by reducing the complexity of developing and deploying mobile applications with a comprehensive, integrated infrastructure; empowered and enhanced IT support by offering innovative applications for task and knowledge workers who need mobile access to enterprise information; Integrated Processes through out-of-box tools and services that easily integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure, business processes and enterprise applications; lower total cost of ownership by simplifying and accelerating creation of business process mobilization and integration without need for development resources, and fast reaction to changing business needs, by accelerating deployment of mobilized business processes.

The interesting thing about the Unwired Platform is that it is triggering a shift in terms of how enterprises handle information resources internally, Dan Ortega senior director of product marketing for Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The difference between going from static internet to mobile internet is as big as going from bricks and mortar to static internet. It is a big shift in terms of how the information is accessed, packaged, how it affects the day to day life of informational workers. The first iteration of this was people getting access to email, which is fine, but there is a whole other range of applications at the enterprise level that lend themselves well to mobility." The problem has always been: how do you manage the user's need to be able to access information from anywhere anytime with IT's need to have visibility, control and management over who is accessing that information, he explains.

"We have created this infrastructure, this platform that basically allows enterprises to take these broad-based applications that are triggered around CRM and workflow and business processes, and package them and deliver them in a secure manner to the end user who is in the field and needs information right then, not when they get back into the office and log onto their computer. For large enterprises that have the need for mobility, and let's face it, they probably all do, this is a very timely solution," Ortega says. "It addresses a huge need across a broad range of industries. And once the enterprises embrace this strategy and move into it, it will be transformative on a very fundamental level in terms of how they are now able to handle the information needs of mobile workers."
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