Sybase IQ 15 Analytics Server Software Achieves Industry-Leading Price/Performance Result for Data Warehousing

Sybase, Inc., announced that Sybase IQ 15, combined with Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire X4540 storage server and running the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), recorded the best price/performance result in the TPC-H benchmark at 3000 GB scale factor for all non-clustered systems. The benchmark simulates decision support systems that analyze large volumes of data, executes queries with a high degree of complexity, and gives answers to critical business questions. Sybase says that the achievement illustrates the effectiveness of Sybase IQ 15 in helping to optimize IT asset utilization and significantly reduce ownership costs.

Sybase IQ 15 is one of the most significant releases in the product's history, and there were a number of things that the company wanted to bring to the table as proof points, Lisa Hopkins, director of product marketing for analytics solutions, Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. According to Hopkins, it was important to Sybase to prove that "not only do we have high performance on Sybase IQ and the Sun platform, but we are doing it at an economical price point."

This TPC-H benchmark, using the Sybase and Sun Microsystems' solutions, demonstrated: the best price/performance at the 3000 GB scale-factor among non-clustered systems with $5.26 per QphH; the only column-based system to achieve world record performance and price/performance at the 3000 GB scale-factor on a non-clustered system; and ultimate storage density with up to 48 terabytes in a single system with a 4RU footprint, consuming less than 1000W of power.

Sybase wanted to show in this particular benchmark for Sybase IQ, "we have pretty much doubled the performance," yet kept the cost factor at the same level, "and that is what has given us the dramatic metric that we were able to bring to the table," emphasizes Joydeep Das, senior manager in product management, Sybase.

TPC-H is strict on full disclosure of what kind of hardware a company is using, and on resource consumption. "Within that context of that full disclosure

, we were able to prove that we have significant value to bring to the table,” states Das. To learn more about Sybase IQ 15, go here.