Sybase Introduces Sybase IQ 15

Sybase has unveiled Sybase IQ 15, the next generation of its column-based analytics server. The new release is focused at "filling a critical need for enterprises, especially in this economy, that need to do more sophisticated real time analytics to drive decision making" and that "need to do that on large volumes of data, but without sacrificing their profit margins," Lisa Hopkins, director, product marketing, Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Addressing organizations' needs for greater flexibility, notes Hopkins, "with Sybase 15, we are offering the compute and the storage capacity to be able to scale independently so that you can grow the system in increments that you decide." Sybase IQ 15 also offers improved query performance with parallel query processing capability and enhanced query algorithms, According to Andrew Neugebauer, senior product manager, Sybase IQ, it has been reported by beta customerd that they have seen in some cases double the speed with the new system compared to the previous version, 12.7. Originally the product offered query performance that was 10 to 100 times faster than row-based systems, says Hopkins, "and now customers are seeing even faster than that."

Additional enhancements in the new release address the need for better manageability. "Sybase IQ has been around for over 10 years. Some of our early adopters were people who were really pushing the limits in cutting-edge types of situations which has allowed us to build a lot of performance and scalability enhancements within the product," observes Hopkins. Now, the company is seeing another level of user with IQ that needs the high performance analytics and and the scalablity the product offers, but who are not quite as sophisticated in their knowledge of analytic software capabilities, Hopkins states. "We have added some improvements to our manageability tools that make Sybase 15 even easier to set up and to manage on a regular basis. It's kind of a right-click environment so you can set up grid architectures and you can make changes to the system very, very easily."

In support of improved security, new features, include FIPS-certified encryption algorithms; Kerberos based authentication, user-settable passwords, and support for IPV6. Supoprting geater eonomy, features such as range partitioning and configurable tablespaces aim to lower TCO in management of very large databases.

Sybase IQ 15 is currently scheduled to be available on March 31. For more information on Sybase IQ, or to view the Sybase IQ 15 overview video, go here.
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