Sybase Launches "CEP For Dummies" Reference Book

Sybase Inc., an SAP company, has introduced the CEP (Complex Event Processing) For Dummies reference book to explore the inner workings of CEP and provides a how-to guide to handling big data – structured and unstructured data that come from everywhere including smartphones, networks, sensors, tweets, emails, and stock trades.

“The volume of data amassing today is rising beyond comprehension in financial services, telecommunications, logistics and a range of other industries,” says Neil McGovern senior director of financial services product marketing, Sybase. “For organizations to act on and leverage the high velocity and high volume of streaming data in real-time that traditional data warehouses often struggle to handle requires complex event processing technology. The topic is vast and full of rich technological and organizational complexities, making CEP For Dummies the ideal reference book.”

The book looks at the modern world of business and finance and takes stock of the overwhelming flow of fast moving data. Written in non-technical language, CEP For Dummies offers eight chapters, starting with a broad introduction to CEP and ending with the 10 factors for success in analyzing Big Data.

Click here to download a free copy of CEP For Dummies. This book is also available for download on iBooks and iTunes.