Sybase Launches the Sybase Mobility Manifesto

Sybase has launched the Mobility Manifesto to support and encourage enterprise workers to have access to the devices and applications they want to use.

The Mobility Manifesto allows enterprise workers to take a quiz to find out where their company ranks on mobility, share the results with their boss through an auto-fill letter that sets the tone for change in the workplace, and download an ibook including guidance and advice for both end user and IT.  Current results show that 57% of companies are "laggards" - organizations that lack the ability to use mobility to their advantage today and have little desire to change this - and 25% are "dreamers"  - described as companies that "talk the talk" but have a ways to go before they actually "walk the walk."

Criteria for measuring an organization's ambitions toward mobility and its grasp of the transformative opportunities include how the organizations ranks against peers, how progressive its bring-your-own device policy is, and how mobilized key facets of the business, such as supply chain and sales, are.

Visit the Mobility Manifesto site at