Sybase Plans First Regional TechWave Symposium for August

The first of Sybase's regional Sybase TechWave Symposia will be held in Washington, D.C., Aug. 26-27, at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel. Representing a departure from Sybase's previous approach of holding one major TechWave event annually, regional events are intended to provide an opportunity to get closer to customers and prospects and to tailor content and presentations to a specific audience. The format includes keynotes from Sybase's executive leadership team, business content, exhibits and a day and a half of technical sessions.

Sybase also is tentatively scheduling a TechWave Symposium in Beijing in the September timeframe.

With the revamped approach for the August event, which will be easily accessible to the Washington-based government customers as well as a quick trip for customers in the financial services industry based in New York, Sybase is providing business-focused content concentrated on the first day of the event, enabling business people to spend less time away from their offices, Mark Wilson, vice president of corporate marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The business content will help people understand "how technology can change their business processes and positively affect them in getting closer to their customers, understanding how to reduce cost within certain business processes, or how to generate more revenue in their business," notes Wilson. Speakers will include both experts from Sybase as well as industry analysts and guest speakers from outside the company. And, "just like the prior TechWaves, we will have an exhibit hall and we will have partners and vendors that will have booths at the exhibit hall," he adds.

"We are really excited about doing it. We think it is incredibly important, given the new products we have that have come out, that our customers get the latest and greatest in terms of the training for the products, as well as for business people to see how Sybase is affecting their industries and their businesses."

The Washington, D.C., event will also contain vertical content specifically designed for mid-level and senior level IT staff from civilian agencies, intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense.

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