Sybase Rolls Out Enhanced Liquidity Management Suite for Financial Services Industry

Sybase has announced a new release of Sybase Liquidity Management Suite (LMS), providing the global financial services industry with new modules enabling native support for Sybase's relational database management system and analytics platform. Sybase LMS consolidates payment and transaction information in real-time, across multiple systems, to provide a comprehensive enterprise-wide capability for managing operational liquidity, supporting optimal use of operating capital while minimizing operation risk.

The latest version of Sybase LMS provides enhanced capabilities for more granular intra-day liquidity risk analytics and reporting. Integrated with Sybase's column-based database, Sybase IQ, the Sybase Liquidity Risk Manager module enables bank treasuries to track positions in real-time - from a top-of-the-house understanding of overall liquidity risk, to deep drill down for various asset classes, entities and business units.

The enhanced LMS suite also offers a centralized, multi-entity solution that is designed for the needs of treasurers and funding managers in managing short-term liquidity. The Cash Flow Manager and Collateral Manager modules now offer native support for Sybase ASE, providing the ability to store all transactions collected by the LMS in Sybase ASE as the database-of-record. The enhanced Liquidity Risk Manager now supports Sybase IQ for scenario modeling, providing greater granularity of analysis than was previously available.

According to Sybase, the financial crisis made it evident that greater sophistication in reporting and analysis is required to ensure that financial institutions have real-time insight into their short-term liquidity. Capital adequacy may be appropriate for long-term management of liquidity risk, but in the short-term, only a cash flow analysis will provide a true picture. This enhanced capacity takes on added weight with the approaching implementation of Basel III, which calls for banks to have systems in place to manage short-term liquidity, Sybase emphasizes.

Sybase Liquidity Management Suite is suited to meet the need for increased compression of reporting cycles as part of heightened regulatory demands for liquidity reporting. Employing streaming technology based on Sybase CEP technology, LMS enables banks to accurately determine and predict the appropriate levels of liquidity and collateral at low-latency speeds on a par with the speed of trades.

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