Sybase Streaming Capability Tackles the Challenges Facing Trade and Risk Analytics In Capital Markets

Sybase has announced plans for the release of new functionality connecting Sybase Replication Server to Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform. This new functionality will enable data events from heterogeneous databases to be propagated in real-time, via complex event processing (CEP), addressing challenges such as reference data management and risk aggregation.

Firms can utilize the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform, and the new capability will integrate with their enterprise database systems to turn transactions into business events which can be consolidated and analyzed in real-time.

According to Sybase, trade and position data is fragmented, and frequently stored in a variety of relational databases located in multiple geographies, so by integrating Sybase Replication Server with the Aleri CEP engine, users can overcome this challenge and consolidate heterogeneous data in real-time. Because it is a non-intrusive approach, the Aleri engine will be able to access existing systems without requiring changes to those systems.

"Sybase's leading financial solutions - used by each of the top 50 global banks and securities firms - include advanced data management and analytics that improve trading, risk management, compliance and market data management across the enterprise," said Neil McGovern, director of marketing, Sybase. "We are committed to providing a broad analytics portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and this new capability added to our already strong offerings in replication and CEP is another example of our successful execution on this vision."

Potential use cases for capital market firms for the new functionality include the ability to capture trades from multiple databases in real time and correlate them in the CEP engine to evaluate risk and exposure by customer, region, and within time interval; dynamic portfolio tracking; and the ability to capture trades from the database as they occur for real time monitoring P&L and receive notification if thresholds are breached

The product is currently scheduled for general availability later this quarter. More information on Sybase's Capital Markets industry solutions is available at