Sybase Strengthens Real-Time Analytics Platform with Acquisition of Aleri Assets

Sybase, Inc., has announced that it has finalized an asset purchase agreement with Aleri Inc., a provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions. CEP is an integral part of real-time analytics and with this acquisition, Sybase strengthens its overall analytics platform and leadership position to better meet the needs of enterprises requiring real-time analytics processing.  The acquisition is intended to not only improve Sybase's financial services stack but also bring the company into new markets.

One of the goals for Sybase is to be the leader in real-time analytics, Neil McGovern, director of marketing at Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Capital markets has a great demand for very high performance analytics, and it is a leading market for that particular technology, he notes, but Sybase also sees that other markets, other verticals are going to require the same technology, and experience the same requirements to make very fast, complicated decisions very quickly.

Sybase wants to be "the leader first in capital markets," states McGovern. And, if Sybase is the leader in capital markets, the company anticipates that other enterprises from other verticals will look at this leadership, "and make us one of the top choices for their real-time analytics solutions." With Aleri, Sybase gains market share, more than doubling its customer base. Aleri has already penetrated markets beyond Wall Street and the city of London, and the other financial markets around the world where Sybase has been strong, so "Aleri helps us with our goal to be the leader in financial markets and beyond," McGovern notes.

Looking at Aleri's customers beyond financial services, real-time analytics for web-based businesses, as well as network analytics in telecommunications are examples of areas beyond the financial sector, where Aleri has "good momentum," notes Jeff Wootton of Aleri, who is now a senior director of product management at Sybase. There are also customers using CEP in healthcare and there is government interest, as well, for example, he adds.

Aleri had started to develop end-to-end solutions based on real-time analytics and Sybase has taken over those products, says McGovern. Sybase also has a partner program in place, but with the prebuilt templates from Aleri and the strong developer network that Aleri has to build new solutions, McGovern notes, "We see Sybase being positioned to create solutions for trading, solutions for risk, solutions for compliance, and sell a much richer business solution than we have in the past."

Additionally, there are some key strengths the Aleri technology brings to Sybase, says McGovern, particularly around the user interface for developers and the set of connectors from outside markets into the Sybase Real-time Analytics Platform. "We have expanded the number of adaptive links we have with the Aleri acquisition."

Sybase said the terms of the transaction are not being disclosed and it does not expect the transaction to have a material impact on 2010 financial results. For more information, go to the Sybase website.