Sybase Works with Symantec and VMware to Strengthen Data Infrastructure for Grid and Cloud Computing Environments with Latest Release of Sybase ASE Cluster Edition

Also at Techwave last month, Sybase announced the newest release of Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Cluster Edition, its enterprise data management solution that reduces the complexity of deploying a database application across a shared disk server cluster environment.

Sybase has worked with its early customers and partners to help enterprises gain the benefits of grid and virtualized deployment in its latest version of ASE Cluster Edition. By providing dynamic resource management for a virtualized database environment, ASE Cluster Edition allows enterprises to meet customer SLAs of their critical databases for availability while also reducing infrastructure costs through optimal resource utilization.

ASE Cluster Edition's newest enhancements provide key enabling technologies to ease manageability and improve availability in grid and cloud computing environments. Sybase has developed the latest version of ASE Cluster Edition to include an expanded partner ecosystem through integration with Veritas Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server to increase the manageability, performance and availability of shared storage environments; as well as participation in the VMware vCloud initiative, providing support for cloud computing environments.

The latest release also provides extended availability with disaster recovery site support-allowing cluster support at remote sites if a primary site goes down.

And for ease of manageability, the new release enables local installation-so each node can be installed independently, improving flexibility and increasing availability of other nodes should one go down; and provides the foundation for rolling upgrades-enabling independent maintenance of each node.

"The latest release of ASE Cluster Edition incorporates the feedback we've received from our customers, who run some of the world's most critical data in areas such as financial services, telecommunications and government," observes Brian Vink, vice president, Database Products at Sybase.

Sybase ASE Cluster Edition is currently available. Go here for more information.