Sybase and MicroStrategy Partner to Reduce Time for Implementation of Business Analytics

Sybase, Inc., has entered into a new agreement with MicroStrategy Incorporated, a provider of business intelligence software. Sybase will offer integrated packaging and pricing in an exclusive promotion on MicroStrategy products when sold with its Sybase IQ analytics server.

In addition to providing integrated packaging, joint product certification, and vendor-to-vendor technical support through the expanded partnership, Sybase can now offer MicroStrategy consulting services and education, providing streamlined access to a range of combined business intelligence-related services. The two companies are building demonstration solutions showcasing the capabilities of the combined technologies.

The Sybase IQ analytics server is designed specifically to deliver fast results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehousing and reporting solutions, while MicroStrategy has built-in optimizations that work seamlessly with Sybase IQ to deliver answers to critical business questions 10 to hundreds of times faster at a lower total cost of ownership than traditional row-based databases, according to the vendors.

By extending its relationship with MicroStrategy, Sybase intends to provide customers who depend on analytics with an expanded set of integrated reporting, analytic and dashboarding capabilities at a very affordable price point, which it feels will be particularly significant to them during these uncertain economic times. "It is going to be extremely advantageous price-wise. We are going to be providing an extremely, extremely aggressive price on the MicroStrategy software," Dan Lahl, director of analytics at Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. In fact, notes Lahl, "MicroStrategy is giving a large amount of software to Sybase at no cost to distribute. Sybase is passing on the software to the user and is only collecting a fee for the technology support." In addition to speeding up adoption of Sybase IQ, the approach will also provide a seeding strategy for MicroStrategy, Lahl explains.

More information about MicroStrategy is available here. For more on Sybase IQ, go here.