Sylabs Launches Availability of Containerization Software for Enterprise Linux Users

Provider of container technology and services for performance-intensive workloads, Sylabs, is unveiling the availability of SingularityCE within the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository. EPEL is a repository of additional packages for Enterprise Linux distribution—including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Scientific Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, and CentOS; the announcement increases accessibility to SingularityCE’s advanced container runtime technology for strenuous workloads to Enterprise Linux users and developers.

As an open source, advanced container technology, SingularityCE is built for those in need of advanced computing tools, including data scientists working on mission-critical workloads, AI, and performance-intensive systems. Regardless if application packages are moved across systems for testing or for development, the solution rivals other containerization platforms that are not built to manage large scale-out environments, according to the company.

SingularityCE leverages its multi-tenant security model to package complex applications and libraries into one scalable container, safely. Packages can be migrated to and from systems and hardware environments without risk, as the solution prevents privilege escalation issues while simultaneously encapsulating a complete application environment within a single file. Multi-tenant systems are protected with the solution’s highly portable, secure architecture to meet the needs of large and mobile systems and applications.

“Many developers in enterprises with growing performance-intensive computing needs are finding that the container tools that they’re familiar with aren’t built for the needs of larger, scale-out environments,” said Adam Hughes, CTO of Sylabs. “Sylabs is excited to bring the SingularityCE to the EPEL repository. It's now easier than ever for developers using Enterprise Linux to access the powerful container technology that researchers, scientists, and engineers engaged in the world’s most cutting-edge research use to simplify the movement of their applications across environments, spanning from laptops and complex cloud environments to sophisticated HPC computing systems.”

On top of its performance and scalability aptitude, Sylabs' open source software allows the company to supply licensing, organizational support, cloud services, and various tooling to assist with enterprise containerization journeys. Risk management, defined product life cycles, and streamlined adoption and management is offered by Sylabs to enable any enterprise to scale and container without risk of errors or unplanned delays.

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