SymSoft Releases ControlPanelGRC User and Role Change Analyzer for SAP Systems

SymSoft Corporation, a provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for SAP environments, has announced the release of ControlPanelGRC User and Role Change Analyzer. The new module, which is part of SymSoft's ControlPanelGRC suite of GRC solutions, provides security administrators with the ability to create additional documentation on the reasons changes were made on users and provide versioning of roles in SAP systems.

ControlPanelGRC's embedded compliance and accelerated workflows are intended to improve data access and reporting to free security and technical associates from repetitive manual tasks that occupy too much time and energy so they can focus on other important SAP GRC issues.

Although change documents are available in SAP systems, they don't always provide a full explanation of why a given change was made, Scott Goolik, chief technology officer at SymSoft, tells 5 Minute Briefing. SymSoft's User and Role Change Analyzer module allows security administrators to record and report on additional documentation for each user or role change.

If, for example, a change is sent to the production system, it might have adversely impacted a different transaction, notes Goolik. ControlPanelGRC User and Role Change Analyzer "actually creates versioning of all changes so you can do comparisons to see what changes might have been made over time." With User and Role Change Analyzer, security administrators can troubleshoot issues identified after a role change migrates to production and can also revert to an older version of a role. Security administrators can also drill down to the detail level to identify issues that led to a change being made.

For more information about ControlPanelGRC, go here.