Symantec Announces Data Protection, Storage Management and Security

Symantec Corp. has introduced two new appliances designed to provide customers with a more flexible delivery model for its data protection, storage management and security solutions.

The Symantec FileStore N8300 is a scale-out, clustered network attached storage (NAS) appliance designed to help customers address the business challenges associated with building out cloud storage, managing large volumes of data and controlling the associated storage costs.

The NetBackup 5200 appliance series helps customers expand their data protection infrastructure with an all-in-one hardware and software backup solution that integrates deduplication to reduce storage.

With the new appliances, Symantec hopes to provide more options to customers in terms of how they consume Symantec software, Colin Davitan, director of product management in Symantec's Storage and High

Availability Group, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The hardware is a complement to, and another delivery vehicle for, Symantec software. "We are, at our core, a software company and software drives the IP not only behind our software but also behind our hardware."

With massive data growth frustrating storage and backup professionals, simplicity has become a critical element of the IT infrastructure, and Symantec sees appliances as a way to address this challenge. Symantec will continue to bring out more appliances in these and other areas as customer demand dictates, says Davitan.

Symantec FileStore N8300 is a scalable, clustered NAS appliance that is built upon the clustered file system in Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation. FileStore N8300 natively integrates with other Symantec solutions including Enterprise Vault, NetBackup, Storage Foundation's SmartTier and AntiVirus security to provide a holistic solution for storing and managing unstructured data.

The FileStore N8300 scales linearly from 2 to 16 nodes, and with up to 1.4 PB of storage within a single cluster. FileStore N8300 server and storage nodes can be scaled independently based on user requirements for availability, performance or data growth. FileStore N8300's native integration with NetBackup removes the requirement for long NDMP backup windows, and embedded anti-virus software eliminates the burden of file scanning over the network.

In addition, with NetBackup 5200, Symantec is delivering a standalone solution that is based on NetBackup 7 software and comes with built-in deduplication and storage, Nicole Kim, senior product marketing manager in Symantec's Information Management Group.

NetBackup 5200 offers backup administrators a choice of client or target deduplication. "With the NetBackup 5200 appliance we are not limiting the choice for customers in how they want to deploy deduplication," says Kim. NetBackup 5200 offers backup dministrators a choice of client or target deduplication based on the type of data being protected. NetBackup 5200 client deduplication eliminates redundant data at the

information source, which leads to lower bandwidth utilization and 10 times faster backups. For client machines that do not have sufficient CPU cycles for deduplication, the deduplication processing can be moved to the NetBackup 5200 appliance 

Symantec is also expanding its NetBackup 5000 dedicated deduplication appliance series, announced in September 2010, with the NetBackup 5020 appliance which increases backup capacity from 16 TB per node to 32 TB per node. The NetBackup 5020 is intended for remote office, virtual machine and data center backups.

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