Symantec Announces New Release of Archiving Platform

Symantec Corp. said it is shipping Enterprise Vault 8.0, the newest version of its email and content archiving platform. Launched in conjunction with the 10-year anniversary of Enterprise Vault, version 8.0 helps customers reduce the costs of storing unstructured information such as email, file server, and SharePoint content. "As the solution for archiving has evolved over the years, we have taken a lot of the direct feedback and input from those customers of all size and applied that directly to Enterprise Vault 8.0," David Campbell, senior product marketing manager for Symantec, told 5 Minute Briefing. "We feel it is one of the most advanced archiving solutions on the market today."

Customers are dealing with the reality that the amount of information is growing within their organization and across the data center, observes Campbell. "Volume and size of information is growing on your email servers, it is growing out on the file servers. It is also growing in database applications and SharePoint, all of these different content sources, and the longer we are required to keep that information for business reasons or for operational reasons is equating to massive amounts of storage."

But at the same time that information is increasing and storage costs are growing, most IT budgets these days are remaining quite flat, he notes. "Enterprise Vault 8.0 allows you to manage the archiving of email and unstructured content such as file systems in one common platform at the lowest possible cost in the industry today," says Campbell. "We are seeing customers being able to achieve 60 percent reduction in the amount it costs to manage and archive that unstructured information, based on some of the advancements that we have put in Enterprise Vault 8.0."

Key features of the new release are advanced storage reduction using optimized single instance storage. In terms of ease of use, the release includes new wizards-based configurations to let administrators get up and running with the solution faster, and a common tasks dashboard that simplifies administration by providing quick access to common tasks and operations within Enterprise Vault.

Providing what the company describes as the industry's first "guided review" feature, as part of Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator, users are able to analyze and filter search results to drill down to the most relevant content with a few mouse clicks, helping to further improve e-discovery. For more information, go here.