Symantec Ships Email and Metadata Archiving Solution

Symantec Corp. has announced the availability of Enterprise Vault 10, the new version of its email and content archiving software that now features Symantec's data loss prevention technology. The new solution is intended to help to analyze Microsoft Exchange email content and metadata to help determine the archiving and retention strategy for all messages. Email content and metadata are automatically classified and assigned the appropriate archiving and retention policy, and can be flagged to be reviewed for compliance reasons.

In addition, the latest version of Enterprise Vault 10 offers the ability to archive all social media interactions. "We have seen companies get used to the idea of archiving their email, files, instant messaging, and SharePoint sites, and this is really the next wave," Trevor Daughney, senior manager of product marketing for Enterprise Vault, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Through Symantec's partnerships with Actiance, CommonDesk, Globanet, Hanzo and Socialware, Enterprise Vault 10 automatically archives social media interactions for compliance, e-discovery and corporate governance purposes, enabling organizations to comply with requirements for social media communications without restricting or banning the use of those tools. It is increasingly important for companies to reduce their risks by also retaining social media-related information so they can comply with regulatory requirements and also be prepared for other e-discovery requests, particularly in the U.S. around litigation, Daughney notes.

A recent poll conducted by Symantec showed that respondents had had on average nine social media-related incidents. Also, according to the respondents, the cost of dealing with each incident was just over $4 million on average. "That is damage to their brand, damage to their stock price, lost intellectual property," says Daughney. These social media-related incidents can occur simply and innocently when people put information out that they did not intend to or just are not aware of the sensitivity of the information they are posting, he observes.

The Data Classification Service feature of Enterprise Vault 10 now uses Symantec's data loss prevention technology to automatically classify the email and assign an appropriate archiving and retention policy. Classifications can also be used as filters to speed up the search and review process for e-discovery. Additionally, customers who have implemented Symantec Data Loss Prevention can share classification policies to simplify the automated classification of information. Enterprise Vault also adds new integration with Symantec's encryption technologies to allow organizations to effectively classify, store, and discover encrypted information.

In addition, the company says, Enterprise Vault has helped customers prepare for the possibility of an e-discovery request by capturing information, tagging specific records for future litigation, and enabling the fast and easy search for relevant records, and the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform, now part of Symantec, enables customers to process, analyze, and review those records for internal audits, legal e-discovery and corporate governance purposes.

More information is available about Enterprise Vault 10.