Symantec to Acquire Gideon Technologies

Symantec Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Gideon Technologies, Inc., a provider of information security solutions that automate and orchestrate IT security and risk management. Symantec is acquiring Gideon Technologies to extend Symantec's security portfolio with a Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) validated configuration and vulnerability assessment solution and to enhance its ability to serve the needs of public sector customers.

"As the U.S. government continues to make the cyber security of our country's public and private infrastructures a priority, Symantec will support public sector customers with standards-based solutions that meet their complex compliance requirements with the highest degree of accuracy," states Gigi Schumm, vice president and general manager public sector, Symantec. "As demonstrated by this acquisition, Symantec is committed to SCAP and emerging standards and intends to lead the ongoing advancement of these standards."

SCAP is a suite of specifications that standardize the format and nomenclature by which security software products communicate software flaw and security configuration information. It is used to automate vulnerability and patch checking, technical control compliance activities and security measurement. This standard is a requirement of the US. federal government which represents the largest and most diverse computing environment in the world. Interoperability and sharing data within this environment is essential to address the evolving threat landscape.

The acquisition of Gideon Technologies' SecureFusion product will complement Symantec's compliance offerings and integrate with the Symantec Management Platform (formerly the Altiris platform). The financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. More information is available here.