Symphony Ventures Launches GDPR Compliance Capability

Symphony Ventures, a global services firm specializing in intelligent automation, today announced the launch of a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance capability. Partnering with, IT Governance, Symphony will offer global enterprises an end-to-end solution for meeting and maintaining GDPR compliance with greater accuracy, speed and visibility.

As the May 25, 2018 GDPR compliance deadline approaches, global enterprises are expressing increased concern around how they will not only meet, but maintain compliance.

A recent Ovum survey found that more than 50% of businesses expect they will be fined for non-compliance, and two-thirds of surveyed organizations said they expect to change their global business strategies to accommodate the new regulations.

While many organizations are seek to hire people to help meet the new data requirements, Symphony has recognized compliance can be met and managed through intelligent automation tools. Working with IT Governance and a select group of other compliance, security and technology partners, Symphony will offer enterprise customers a  compliance support service to help prepare for and adapt to the GDPR; a framework for delivering digital change initiatives, tried and tested in more than 100 successful digital transformation programs; and an approach for effective design and configuration of continual compliance solutions, leveraging a proven methodology for defining, implementing and managing technical operations tools and technology.

“Automation presents a significant opportunity for forward-thinking business leaders to overcome the challenges of effectively managing continual compliance,” said Chris Gayner, head of labs, Symphony Ventures. “Rather than hiring an army of data administrators, organizations can use digital solutions that deliver greater accuracy, assurance and reliability. We’re eager to roll out our GDPR initiative and bring our automation expertise and implementation capabilities to bear.”

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