SymphonyAI and Oracle Collaborate to Offer Cloud Flexibility

SymphonyAI, a provider of high-value enterprise AI SaaS for strategic industries, is collaborating with Oracle to offer SymphonyAI solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using key services including Oracle Exadata Database Service, GPU-accelerated compute, and performance monitoring.

"Following the global trends in retail and the need for personalization and scale, SymphonyAI is using cloud technology to help customers understand right now what is happening in each channel, spot opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition," said Abiy Yeshitla, vice president, Oracle EMEA Cloud and Technology. "Oracle helps ensure availability, manageability, and performance, enabling SymphonyAI to offer best-in-class standards that are crucial in their industries to deliver to innovation-focused customers."

Starting with SymphonyAI's retail and CPG vertical solutions, customers can now transition to the cloud to shorten technology deployment time and help ensure better real-time services with robust scalability and reduced costs.

The SymphonyAI Retail CPG vertical provides integrated AI-powered merchandising, marketing, and supply chain solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

With Oracle's alliance with NVIDIA, OCI provides GPU-accelerated compute services to support SymphonyAI's customers' ability to train AI models rapidly to forecast purchasing trends, making sure every customer's store has the optimized number of products in the right place on the shelves.

In addition, OCI Application Performance Monitoring provides deep visibility into the performance of applications and enables development teams to diagnose issues quickly, helping deliver a consistent level of service.

"SymphonyAI solutions combine in-depth business use case understanding with AI capabilities to drive real results," said Kumar Abhimanyu, SVP of strategic partnerships at SymphonyAI. "Our enterprise AI solutions are tailored to meet the needs of retailers and CPG manufacturers. Collaborating with Oracle allows us to help our customers tap the power of cloud flexibility and cost efficiencies for real-time insights and recommendations."

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