Synametrics Technologies Simplifies Data Exploration

Synametrics Technologies, a provider of solutions for IT professionals and computer systems developers, is redesigning its WinSQL platform, offering a simplified environment for exploring data.

WinSQL is a generic querying tool that connects to any relational database (RDBMS) for which an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver is available.

“This is a major release from our end because it’s a complete redesign of the software so it’s very big news for us,” said Imran Hussain, president of Synametrics.

WinSQL version 10 now offers a user-friendly working environment for exploring database contents, importing and exporting data, performing schema comparisons, and running queries.

The integrated query editor features syntax highlighting, auto completion capabilities, comment insertion, and code indentation. Queries can also be imported from Excel or text files, and result data can be migrated to an external database or saved as an HTML document. Its compatibility includes MS SQL and MS Access, Oracle and MySQL, DB2, and SAP ASE. “As long as the user has an ODBC driver, the back end doesn’t really matter,” Hussain said.

The platform update now allows users the ability to choose between 32- or 64-bit drivers. “From a performance perspective there’s very little difference between 32 and 64, but still people wanted to use 64-bit drivers because other systems environments were using 64…they did not want to keep switching between 32 and 64,” Hussain said.

Additional enhancements include the ability to auto-save sessions, a feature that not only saves queries, but also saves result grids and error messages.

Version 10.0 is completely Unicode compatible, allowing users to use non-English characters in their queries and results.

Many different kinds of users including programmers, DBAs, and managers, will benefit from this performance overhaul, according to Hussain.

“A lot of the business users who do not know SQL, they actually learn it from WinSQL because when they change something on the backend, WinSQL will display necessary SQL statement so even though they have no idea what SQL is, it’s a very good learning tool,” Hussain said. “In fact it’s being used in a lot of universities because of its learning capabilities.”

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