Syncordant Announces Heterogeneous Database Integrator

Syncordant, a data integration company, has announced the release of its new enterprise-class product, the Data Integrator. The new product enables a single, real-time, customizable view into multiple heterogeneous databases distributed anywhere in the world.

According to Syncordant, customers using its Data Integrator can begin productive work within hours of installation. The Data Integrator can feed applications, report writers, query tools, or web portals, and it is not necessary to transfer or copy data from different databases into a central one to query the Data Integrator. The product queries in place from wherever the data is located.

Another benefit of the Data Integrator is that advanced data ownership and security features can limit general access and define overall visibility. For example, the data owner can limit general access to a resource, and the Syncordant administrator can further narrow visible schema elements and assign appropriate privileges to different users and groups.

Additionally, if a certain database system needs to be swapped out, the Data Integrator can abstract the data layer so that databases can be seamlessly changed. This abstraction of the data layer can also simplify the work of application builders and integrators. Business intelligence applications are able to essentially build apps that provide near real-time results-a real-time data warehouse. Furthermore, the Data Integrator supports and can integrate the most popular dialects (such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS SQL Server, and others) of remote stored procedures.

When companies merge or are acquired, often they are on different databases, and it can take weeks or months to integrate systems based on those databases. "The acquiring company or the merging companies want to be able to share data, and there is really not any simple, easy way to do it," Richard Preston, president and CEO of Syncordant, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is a consulting project, but with ours you can within hours figure out what is in each database and come up with your own schema and get information that you need to run your own business from multiple databases from anywhere in the world. It is kind of like a virtual screen in a sense that is customizable. And, a lot of people, we think, are going to stop right there, they are not going to worry about migrating to different databases," says Preston. "The fact of the matter is you ought to spend your time going forward and doing things that are going to help your business in the future."

The Data Integrator by Syncordant is available in an Enterprise version, optimized for network and server load, security, and user management; and Desktop version for single users. Go here for more information.