Syncsort Adds Capabilities to Integrate Mainframe and IBM i environments into ServiceNow Event Management

Syncsort has introduced enhancements to Ironstream for ServiceNow that deliver the industry’s first product to enable IT to integrate mainframe and IBM i environments into ServiceNow Event Management.

The new capabilities build upon Ironstream support for ServiceNow Discovery to help increase IT productivity, proactively eliminate service outages and resolve critical issues across the enterprise, to deliver greater value for customers with the cloud-based Now Platform.

“In looking to leverage the power of ServiceNow to improve business service availability across their entire IT infrastructure, organizations with mainframes or IBM i systems have been severely underserved,” said David Hodgson, CPO, Syncsort. “Now, Syncsort is extending Ironstream to easily integrate data from these business-critical systems into ServiceNow Event Management, empowering IT to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to correlate events, automate problem resolution and safeguard against service interruptions.”

According to Syncsort, siloed systems, disconnected monitoring tools, and manual processes put organizations at risk but business services must always be available.

Ironstream is designed to break down silos by forwarding machine data from mission-critical mainframe and IBM i systems to the ServiceNow platform, where advanced machine learning techniques transform event noise into actionable insights so IT teams can work smarter and faster.

Once problems are identified, Ironstream’s integration with ServiceNow enables automated corrective action on the mainframe or IBM i, adhering to existing enterprise policies.

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